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Try Storeganizer for FREE this summer!


The perfect solution for quickly and easily picking
high SKU count and slower moving products from pallet racking.

  • You can try 1 bay for free

  • 3 months evaluation period

  • We provide standard sizes in this trial

  • 10 year guarantee 

  • Up-to 288 pickfaces per bay

  • Up-to 2,400kg load capacity per bay

  • MSSP from £949.00/each

  • Offer expires 31/8/22

  • If you decide not to purchase, you cover return packing and shipping

To arrange a meeting to start your free trial

High-density Storeganizer Pickfaces


  • Creates hundreds of Pickfaces

  • Maximize the density of items stored

  • Every Pickface is easily accessible

  • Holds up to 20Kg per pickface

  • Reduces space and resources required for picking

  • Choose from stocked standard sizes

  • Retro-fit to existing (or new) racking

  • Free consultation and design services available



Optimizing your storage costs per square meter and maximizing picking efficiency can be a constant challenge. Racking works well for high-volume, fast movers. But what about smaller, rarely-ordered inventory items like spare parts or rare books?

This is where Storeganizer comes to the rescue. This innovative, high-density storage system provides a slim fit for all your small slow movers.


Storeganizer ingeniously optimizes storage costs per square meter through columns of easy-to-reach, square industrial fabric pockets hung vertically. They are lightweight yet can hold 100 kg per column and can be guaranteed for up to 10 years. This way you can cost-effectively optimize the use of rack space. A recent impartial study showed nearly 38% savings in usable storage space using the Storeganizer concept. Another showed manual order pickers traveled 42% less retrieving product versus older rack and shelf systems. One large warehouse saved no less than 90% of its space in square and cubic metres with Storeganizer columns.


Items can be stored in various pocket dimensions. Pockets could be barcoded to minimize picking errors. Front covers, dividers or front stops are available as additional options. With the Quantisizer software tool Storeganizer precisely measures your space and stored items. Custom-fitted pockets are then crafted to match the space/items and quickly installed.


Thanks to its universal hanging system, the Storeganizer slim fit pockets are easily installed on any type of rack. Columns can be efficiently stacked up to four rows deep, sliding left/right on rollers for easy access to pockets in the back.


Since we helped launch the concept of textile based warehouse shelving, we have been providing customers with customized solutions for Storeganizer solutions. We worked closely with Storeganizer's manufgacturers to help the product reach global success and become a must have warehouse accessory. 

With Short lead times to measure and install. Custom fitting performed on-site. Strong fiber can last up to 10 years without tearing or cracking. Post-installation service helps maintain and preserve your Storeganizer to perform like-new for years to come. And continuous product evaluation further supports its worth to business owners and CFOs.


Storeganizer is part of a group which for decades has designed unique, re-usable textile packaging systems for automotive and commercial transport that eliminates single-use bubble wrap, cardboard or plastic packing. Not only are long-lasting fabric pockets cost-efficient and environmentally sound, their highly protective qualities keep products usable over years, adding value to the supply chain process.

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