Established in 2005, initially with the objective of optimizing refrigerated transport, Solan Safety Systems has since been the source of an array of sophisticated safety solutions in factories and logistics facilities


Products include:

  • Observation Post- Observation Post from Solan Systems uses patented scanner technology to automatically see when forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment is approaching, providing visual and audio warnings to keep colleagues safe. Available options include:

    • ​Audio alerts​
    • Traffic light alerts
    • Warning light alerts
    • Projected image alerts
  • iStop​​- The iStop loading safety system provides a safe and professional environment for loading and unloading trailers. iStop secures trailers and loading bay doors until they are safe to operate, using wireless technology to allow innovative wheel chocks to communicate with loading bay doors and colleagues, ensuring safe operation.

    • Simple retro installation​

    • Reduces risk of accidents

    • Traffic light alerts