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5 Ways High-Density Pickfaces Will Save You Money

Updated: May 11, 2022

We all know that running an efficient warehouse will save your business time and money. It is tempting but not always the smartest choice to get one type of storage solution for your whole space.

We have gained over a decade of experience providing logistics solutions to warehouses and industrial environments, so we'd love to share a few tips from our experience to show why it is so important to create a customised pick-face solution, and how it will help you and your business.

So instead of having a lot of under-utilised space and working your staff harder, by walking long distances within your warehouse, lets see what you should look out for:

Tip #1 - Quicker Picking

Speeding up the process of picking items from the warehouse helps employees work more efficiently and allows the facility to do more and more of it's core functions.

Save time by using shelving systems that, instead of having one layer of products, can have up to 4 rows in the same space. Today, there are shelving solutions that can move on rails like the high-density Storeganizer pickfaces or sturdy pull-out drawers like the pull-out pickfaces on our site. If your worker can access 4 different products in one step you just saved 3/4 of his time!

Tip #2 - Picking more orders at once

Performing multiple warehouse operations at the same time, can return a host of benefits, helping streamline processes and saving money at the same time.

Think about organising solutions that will enable your team to pick multiple orders in one go instead of coming back to the same area again for different orders. With movable pickfaces we can customise the size of the individual pickfaces, to enable you to process many orders at a time instead of only a handful.

"Consolidating space and the order fulfilment process has been a game-changer for our company" – Logistics Director

Tip #3 - Long Term Investment

Choosing a customised aperture size for your products with high quality, durable pickfaces, means you can use them for many years to come.

The ability to choose the best sizes for your pickfaces allows for the consideration of future changes in the warehouse and indeed the products held in the inventory. Choosing slightly larger sized pickfaces that utilise the available floor space, in many cases means that you can find space that was unusable before, for example the flu space between racks.

Tip #4 - Save space

By using the most space-efficient warehouse solution, you will save on square footage, utilities and staff costs.

Saving space can take many forms and the cost reduction opportunities this presents are also quite varied. From the cost of actually owning or renting the space, to lighting and heating it, and the costs to operate a facility are substantial and add up quickly. Saving space is the key to optimising this expenditure.

Tip #5 - Save human time

Dense storage solutions make it easier for your team to do their jobs.

It is said that "if you enjoy your job, you'll never work a day in your life" and if your job gets easier, then your team's satisfaction and productivity also increase exponentially. By considering things like ergonomics whilst picking, time off sick is reduced and by making the work less intensive, teams are able to achieve more whilst spending less time.

Saving space saves time and money

With high-density solutions from Pickfaces, the immense value of your teams is at the forefront of consideration. Pickfaces' solutions provide better space utilisation, ergonomics, speed, sustainability and crucially ROI, saving both time and money for logistics and other supply-chain applications.

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